The other day it occurred to me that for most of my life I've tried to be perfect. Have the perfect hair, the perfect response, the perfect everything. Of course I felt like I never reached the goal of perfection, which made me feel inadequate, unworthy of love, and just not good enough. It recently occurred to me, what is perfection? Who defines perfection? What one person feels is perfect, another may reject as not.

After thinking and feeling this through, I came to the conclusion that nothing and everything is perfect. And rather than struggle to reach someone's or some society's arbitrary definition of perfection, I would only look at where I wanted to go and head in that direction. For one, I want to be as healthy as possible so I age well and, most importantly, keep all my faculties so I can continue to be independent. To do that I will examine my eating habits, exercise habits, spiritual and emotional habits, and change whatever is needed in a way that works for me and is in alignment with my goal; rather than try to make my body look a certain way, for example. This way, if I do all that I can to reach the goal of physical, emotional and spiritual health, then however that looks is perfect in My definition of perfect. Also, I know this particular journey of health does not end; it is an ongoing journey that I will have to tweak as I go along. And this is okay, because I never want to become stagnant, but want to continue growing and evolve.

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